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05 October 2018

Magnetic Storm assists in showcasing the best of Eastern Cape creativity

Magnetic Storm was delighted to be part of the Friends of the Art Museum fundraiser, the Museum Gala by Mantis. 

“It was an evening where all the arts became one,” remarks organiser Michelle Brown. “We had fashion, art, beading, dance… a true fusion of the arts which made it a night to remember. Magnetic Storm created the lighting design, which was an energetic and elegant ambience, the sound was on point, and the stage allowed everyone to enjoy the experience." 

A proudly Eastern Cape business, Magnetic Storm was honoured to have been asked to partner in the showcase of Eastern Cape creativity. “Supporting the arts, not just those on stage is important to the Magnetic Storm team,” adds Magnetic Storm Head of Creative Services, David Limbert. "Light and sound have the power to evoke deep emotions and create connections, our senses are incredibly powerful, and we designed the event lighting to showcase each piece or art, the fashions included, to connect guests to the designers and artists."



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