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19 April 2013

When teacher Greg Everard approached Magnetic Storm on behalf of Alexander Road High School to sponsor the production of HAIRSPRAY technically, he did not realise that the Magnetic Storm team would respond to the task with such philanthropic vigour. Mr Everard, emphasised the talent he had come across at the school in recent years and after some thought Magnetic Storm have now become involved as mentors of the technical team involved in the staging of Hairspray while also providing equipment to further the success of the production.

Magnetic Storm have availed their services many times before to the benefit of theatre development and the flourishing of young sound, lighting and backstage talent, through programmes like The Annual SHOWTIME Awards & Musical Revue (once sponsored by the Herald) and the linked STEP programme (Showtime Technical Education Programme) – also developed to assist in the growth of young backstage talent at school level. Realising that talent within the realms of theatre come from not only on-stage but behind the scenes as well, Alexander Road High have partnered with Magnetic Storm to develop a program through which interested learners can be up-skilled to operate and run the live stage production, utilising professional equipment sponsored by one of your favorite audio-visual, sound and lighting companies in the industry.

David Limbert discussing Stage Management Craig Harvey discussing lighting Members of the ALEX back stage crew for HAIRSPRAY

This skils development initiative will include a theory based portion teaching the Alex “crew” the basics of Sound & Lighting and will continue all the way through to the setup of equipment until they eventually run the show themselves.

Magnetic Storm have always found that equipping the students at a young age not only helps them realise a possible future in the industry of sound & lighting, but also encourages the success of the industry in the future through these talented youngsters both on-stage and behind the scenes.

HAIRSRAY will be running at the Savoy Theatre from 23 April – 4 May 2013.



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