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22 July 2010

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Municipality Waste Management launched a new initiative to raise awareness in Port Elizabeth and its surrounding areas. The NMMM Go Green drive utilizes a bus to operate within the communities in the Bay and deliver information on waste management and cleaner living to the people. To do so they required the installation of a PA system on the bus which can notify the public of their arrival within a community, as well as a portable PA system to address the public once they arrived at the venue.

Magnetic Storm was awarded the tender for the project and immediately set out to create the system most suited for their requirements. One of the challenges faced was the requirement to have horn speakers outside the bus to announce the bus’s arrival to the public. The approach we used was to design and make a bracket which would allow for an easy and effective way in which to set up and remove the speakers. The bracket allowed for quick placing and removal of the speakers which are powered by their own amplifier in the bus.

The horn system utilised included the following:

1 x 120W Desktop Amplifier

4 x Reflex Horn Speakers

The portable PA system was made up of:

1 x Samson Expedition System

2 x Wharfedale Titan 8 Active Speakers

3 x Various Microphones

The system was first used at an awareness meeting held at the Allanridge Centre in Uitenhage with a successful outcome for NMMM Waste Management.



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