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10 November 2016

Set design: all the world’s a stage

Sitting in the audience at an event makes me realise that the difference between an ordinary and an extraordinary event, is in the detail. 

Recently I attended two prestigious awards evenings – the BWA Regional Business Achievers and Exporters Club Awards. It’s no secret that great stage design is a huge part of a memorable experience, and we had the privilege of being able to create amazing sets for both these events. 

But there are a few things that bring it to life, consider them ‘Adele’s backing singers’.  

Event space

Set design is about working with specific areas. Our stage designers thrive on finding solutions and Nick Thompson, and the team will always find a way to use the space in unique and creative way – to compliment presenters, boost the brand, or bring out the best in a performance or presentation. 

Stage possibilities are endless, and to help the client see our vision we create digital visuals of the final look to sell the concept.  

Light it up                                                                                

The stage comes alive with great lighting. It can transform a blank canvas into something striking. It can enhance the mood, and create electrifying energy.  For example, in the case of BWA, the lighting changed based on the activity happening.  During the awards ceremony, the stage became a beautiful flow of gold, and lighting technicians bathed the stage in the corporate colours during the speeches. 

Design for life

A stage is simply an elevated platform, and it needs design and AV to take it from something ordinary to something extraordinary. Corporate events are evolving, and event organisers are looking for new ways to make their events bigger and better than the last (without breaking the bank). 


These are high-tech illuminated frames wrapped in a photographic-quality printed material. So simple, yet so effective! It’s a great way of delivering a message, promoting a product, enhancing the theme of an event or building recognition of a brand. They also come in a variety of sizes to cater for small meeting rooms all the way to ballroom size. 

Let’s get digital

If you want to add the WOW-factor to your next event, a simple solution is to incorporate digital stage banners and widescreens into your design. Traditionally, a stage set consists of the elevated platform underneath a large screen. With digital stage banners, you can creatively position them across the stage to present your multimedia content in an intriguing and engaging way.   

Another option is to use widescreens; large digital banners used to project multimedia content onto. These are highly useful when you have a large stage to work with, and through using blended projection we can create highly immersive imagery. 

Visual stimulation

The teams always pay attention to visual event elements. Tools like animation and high-impact video are great ways to capture your audience’s imagination, while 3D projection mapping can transform dull presentations into stimulating visual journeys. The use of LED walls, projection screens and stage backdrops can also engage audiences and deliver messaging – plus it enhances your overall branding and create a lasting impression. 

The Exporters Club and the Businesswomen’s Association both invested in set-design in recent months. Each of their awards evenings were elevated using unique set design to frame presenters and award winners as they met their applause. Using these elements ‘talkability' was created around the prestige of the evenings, and all had a memorable experience. 

It gives rise to the theatre statement that all the world is a stage.



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