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10 December 2013

'Divided we stand Together'.  If you understood the nature of this week at Magnetic Storm (and probably the rest of the world too for that matter) it then makes sense.

With so many countries, cities, villages miles away from one another, we still wanted to and needed to stand together in mourning the late Nelson Mandela.

Therefore we had all our technicians & assistants on board spread across the province to do our bit in order for us to mourn together as a nation.

The Bay, Lady Grey, East London, Grahamstown, Somerset East & Cofimvaba are amongst the towns we are privileged to set up for at the mourning services of our late Nelson Mandela.

This week we also prepare for Sunday.  A sad day it will be when we join Mandela's family, friends, the nation in his home town to lay him to rest.

A Beautiful individual whom left a remarkable impact on all of our lives.

We are indeed honoured, though sad, together with our nation to say farewell to Tata Madiba in his hometown Qunu this Sunday.


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