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11 February 2008

Magnetic Storm was successful in securing the tender for the supply, installation & commissioning of a CCTV system for The Uitenhage Municipal Hospital. The initial planning was done in conjunction with Electrical Consulting Engineers, CA Du Toit.


  • An old 5 storey building that was not designed with security or CCTV in mind.
  • The building has two separate wings, thereby creating an installation challenge.
  • There are public and remote areas that needed coverage.
  • The installation had to take place in phases.
  • As a hospital is public space, theft of installed equipment and cabling was a consideration and became a reality.
  • Sourcing equipment that was user-friendly and durable.

The Solution

  • 8 km of Cabling was used in the installation
  • 26 x Cameras
  • 2 x multiplex digital recorders
  • 3 x observation monitors
  • 1 x controller unit for the control of the 26 cameras


Uitenhage Hospital has CCTV coverage of remote and public areas with a system that is fully programmable enabling security staff to record archive & playback any events taking place with coverage of approximately 90% of the hospital.



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