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VW Celebrates the 500 000th Golf 1 11 February 2008

Who can believe that the VW Classic Golf 1 has reached the benchmark occasion? Magnetic Storm was proud to be associated with this event with some off the wall eventing ideas as we arranged for the 500 000th Golf to drive through the screen reveal...

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VW Mechanician Awards 11 February 2008

Volkswagen of South Africa recently held their Mechanician Awards at Lake de la Vie. Take a look at all the excitement...

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PERRCI Banquet 2007 11 February 2008

The PE Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s annual banquet tuned out to be a huge success and fun for all. Magnetic Storm got invloved as a sponsor to make the event a memorable one...

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VW Rally 2007 07 August 2007

Have a look and see what we got up to for the 2007 event.

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Unite Against Hunger 09 July 2007

Magnetic Storm helps in Tastic's fight against Hunger.

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GMSA Staff Address 23 May 2007

HIV/Aids awareness gets emphasis at GMSA

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Eastern Cape Budget Speech 2007 12 March 2007

Magnetic Storm co-ordinates production for satellite distribution of EC Budget Speech.

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The Boardwalk Amphitheatre 16 February 2007

Magnetic Storm's preferred supplier status at the Boardwalk.

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Creative freedom

The general belief is that great ideas happen when people are free to think and that creatives thrive in situations that grant permission to make mistakes. I don’t disagree with the sentiment, ?creatives like many, do thrive when uncertainty is minimised, and convention is applied responsibly,? but I do see a challenge with the word freedom.

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Primetime: how do you use yours?

Take a moment and write down the top three things that you should be doing in your position to bring value to your business. These three things are what you do better than anyone else, things that directly and positively impact the organisation. Now to the right of that list, write down the top three things that you spend time on – and be honest, really honest.

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The arts in education

Magnetic Storm has been supporting youth theatre in Port Elizabeth for over 12 years. David Limbert who spearheads work with local schools and community theatre talks about the importance of investing in tech skills for emerging talent and the role of the arts in education.

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We love tech, but have we become a slave to it?

At Magnetic Storm, we do tech in a big way, every day. We love what it allows us to do, how people can connect, communicate and collaborate. But in today’s world, we’re always on, always plugged in, hiding behind a black mirror. But for an authentic relationship to happen, we need to connect in person. So are we becoming slaves to technology? Is it making us less happy, less 'us'?

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