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Alida Davis, a Uitenhage woman who fosters kids, takes care of those less fortunate, provides them with meals, clothing, blankets, a warm bath and sometimes a home, has been awarded the phenomenal Citizen of the Year title.
The Herald GM Citizen of the Year 2013

Hire & Events



Lighting is an important element of any event, whether it’s to focus attention on the presenter at the lectern, create atmosphere at a Gala Dinner, or excitement during an awards ceremony or product launch.


Lighting has the ability to turn a dull venue into a vibrant location, enhance decor themes, introduce corporate colours and logo’s and creates just the right party atmosphere.


Magnetic Storm has a full range of equipment ranging from intelligent lighting through to the basic Parcan, which in the hands of our creative Lighting Designers and Technicians will transform any event into something special.


All Magnetic Storm's Rigging, Trussing and Stands are safety rated and all rigging is done by Certified Riggers.



Equipment available includes:




Martin Mac 700

Martin Mac 550

Martin Mac 250+

Martin Mac 250 Entour

Martin Mac 300

ROBE Colour Spot 575 E AT

ETC Source four Zoom 15 -30 degree Profiles

Source Four 19 degree Profiles (750 watt)

Source Four 26 degree Profiles (750 watt)

Source Four 50 degree Profiles (750 watt)

Par 64 Parcans

Par 56 Parcans

LED Parcans

Chauvet Color Palettes

Chauvet Techno Strobes

Clay Pakki 1.2k Metal Halide Followspot’s

Canto 1200MS Followspot

FAL 1kW Fresnel Lights

FAL 500w  Flood Lights

FAL Nocturno II 2500w Lights

500w Flood lights

1.5K Flood lights


Trussing and Stands


Box Truss


Yale Chain Hoists

Mobile Tech 6.5m Wind up stands

Mobile Tech 4.1m Wind up stands

JB Lighting trees


CM Half Ton Electronic Chain Hoists
CM 1 Ton Electronic Chain Hoists




ETC Smartfade

Martin Light Jockey

Strand 200 Plus

Strand 200

Strand MX 24

Strand LX 12

ETC 12 Channel Dimmers

Chauvet 24 Channel Desk

Chauvet 4 Channel Single Phase Dimmer

Zero 88 Level 12

ETC 12 Channel Dimmers

Zero 88 Betapack 6 way Dimmers





Full range of Disco effect lights

Jem Haze machines

Jem Smoke Machines

Mirror Balls

Strobe lights

UV guns and tubes

Rosco I pro

Selected LEE and Rosco Gel

Customised Gobo’s





...imagination in colour

Jesus Culture Band
Word of Faith Christian Church recently hosted the JESUS CULTURE band from BETHEL CHURCH in Redding, California. Click here to read more...
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Together we mourn - Tata Madiba.
'Divided we stand Together'. If you understood the nature of this week at Magnetic Storm (and probably the rest of the world too for that matter), it then makes sense.
We Salute You Madiba!
So many emotions, though at a loss for words... Nelson Mandela, You have Inspired us!