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04 September 2013

If you could make just one of your dreams come true, which one would that be?

A family trip somewhere nice... buy that smart car you’ve always admired... or maybe something more worthwhile? Education for your child...or cover the hospital bills of a relative with a life-threatening illness?

The Children at Reach for a Dream depend on donations to make their little dreams come true. It is because of people like Jason Kieck, who make it possible for some of these children to experience and enjoy their special dream when it becomes a reality. Raising funds and making a difference has become part of Jason’s work as he helps to create life-changing moments for many children each year.

A resounding success for all who took part in & contributed to the Jason Kieck ‘Dare to Dream’ Fashion Extravaganza at the Feather Market Centre this past Saturday evening. Jason and the Reach for a Dream Team, Wendy, Michelle & many others, must be applauded for the selfless work and dedication they put into this foundation and the needs of these children.

The delectable 5 course meal kept on coming all evening. While filling our bellies, we were kept entertained by the powerful voice of Naz Holland, and our eyes feasted on the Breathtakingly Beautiful, Sexy, yet very Classy Creations. WOW!...I could see myself in a couple of them!

The Pizzazz, the Glitz, the Glamour, and a little added Sparkle by the technical team from Magnetic Storm. Once again bringing the Fashion Design Industry to Light. A unique show like this would not be the same without our equally unique and very magnetic team to provide the specialised lighting effects, sound and audio-visual presentation. All this equipment was provided as part of raising more for the children to make more dreams come true.

As much as this event was all about the children, the guests were spoilt too. With a tummy full of good food & wine and plenty of socialising, there were lovely goody bags to take home, wonderful Lucky Draw Prizes and a special message for us all to consider…

I think the most important message we took with us is one that is simple, yet powerful:

“ Life is Short! Grab each moment with both hands, Embrace it, then join hands with another and share it. “   

The Magnetic Storm Team also representing as guests as well as contributing to the event by making it all Come Alive with our Professional Talented Technicians putting together a Spectacular display of Lighting, Projection mapping and Amazing Sound adding to the star-studded quality the event held.

An entertaining and fun time was visibly enjoyed by all in attendance. Ending the evening by dancing the night away... I sometimes wonder… Was this a dream?!


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