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18 March 2020

Pop Up Studio  - A solution to continuous communication

Many of our clients use our services to engage with their audiences;  clients, suppliers, stakeholders, communities and teams. 

With the current Covid-19 emergency and the banning of all gatherings of over 100 people, it is important that businesses step up communication to stay connected using different platforms.

We have designed a pop up studio at our Fairview office, offering you a 100m² turnkey solution to create or stream any form of video communication in a safe environment.

The space offers three standard small presentations areas including a lectern/podium, a panel interview / discussion area and a more formal desk setting.

In addition, the studio can be custom designed to create a set for any larger streamed conference or seminar sessions allowing these key events to take place wherever the delegates are located.

Fully equipped with professional video cameras, lighting and microphones;   the studio setting offers the opportunity to brand, with corporate coloured lighting, signage and logos on LCD screens.

Editing facilities are available, allowing a quick turnaround from filming to final production, as well as the opportunity of inserting additional graphics, slides or videos.

Videos will be formatted to our client’s requirements for you to share via cell phones, email to desktops and tablets, onto large LCD screens in designated areas or for use on digital signage.

The studio is available for bookings from Monday 23rd March.

Please contact us at or call 041-3934800 for further details.


Stay positive and safe during these uncertain times.


The Magnetic Storm team



Trying times require innovative thinking

Many of our clients use our services to engage with their audiences; clients, suppliers, stakeholders, communities and teams. With the current Covid-19 emergency and the banning of all gatherings of over 100 people, it is important that we step up the communication to ensure businesses keep on track.

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The impact of visualisation in events

If I say to you, “imagine a sitting with your feet in the sand, staring out at the ocean.” I bet that the image in your mind versus the image in mine has similarities, but many differences too. Creating a concept from words alone can lead you in a different direction, so it’s key to ensure you have clarity on what that picture looks like.

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Magnetic Storm announces office move to accommodate business vision

Magnetic Storm, a leading event and technical solutions company, is excited to announce a major office move to larger facilities in Port Elizabeth. Magnetic Storm will be relocating from its current Newton Park premises to 51 Leadwood Crescent, Fairview on November 18th.

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The power of purpose

Never underestimate the power of purpose. A clear and strong purpose is the driving force behind many successes. However, more than success, it's about impact Purpose pulls, it compels you to act, to create, to explore and discover, to achieve despite any obstacles and challenges.

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